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Water and Energy for Food (WE4F) Innovation calls

Support and disseminate climate-friendly, water- and/or energy-efficient innovations on a large scale to address the food challenge in West Africa.

The program

Water and Energy for Food (WE4F) Innovation calls

The WE4F - Water and Energy for Food - program aims to support sustainable and climate-friendly food production and improve the living conditions of small-scale farmers.
In a context of increasing pressure on resources, there is a need for innovative, water- and energy-efficient solutions to produce more with less.
West Africa is therefore seeking to strengthen its capacity for adaptation and innovation in the agricultural water and energy sector.
The private sector is a key player in these developments, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that develop and disseminate innovations adapted to local needs.
The WE4F program will support these SMEs to develop their businesses and entrepreneurial capacity while having a positive impact on local communities and contributing to the challenge of food security.

from 04.08.2021 to 01.09.2021

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